CAPTAIN AMERICA - Double for "Captain America" Chris Evans for Harley Davidson motorcycle jumps up and over 20ft high gun turret.  Captain America double, jumping Harley to land on concrete from low ramp.  Testing Honda CRF250X adapted to“hydra” bikes.  ND driver in traffic as on-coming stunt drivers weave through traffic.  Double for French Actor running through exploding door.  General “Hrdra” motorcycle rider, blasted with fire then bike laydown crash.  Military person attacking “Hydra” basecamp.  “Hydra” rider as bike explodes.  Double for jerk backs from explosion.  General infantry soldier in explosions.  


Captain America Harley Davidson Jump                        Captain America Rehearsals on Harley Davidson


SKYFALL, JAMES BOND - Double for Bond driving the Aston DB5.  (Note, note this was only for a couple of days and Andy was not the Bond double for any of the other stunt sequences).  The sequence was driving the Aston DB5 at speed around mountain side roads in Scotland.

WAR HORSE - Testing old 1st world war motorcycles.  Motorcycle riding double.  Motorcycle riding in a pair as German soldier.  ND truck driver as German soldier as part of convoy.  German infantry attacked by charging English Cavalry.  Motorcycle riding, split to side as cavalry charge through.  On standby to double English motorcycle rider over rough track.

ATTACK THE BLOCK - Taught actors to ride CRF250X, moped, supermoto & BMX.  Moses double riding Honda CRF150 leading other actors, jumps down stairway etc.  Double for “Dennis” riding moped with dog in back.  “Dennis” moped riding double on walkways.  “Dennis” double for moped riding & crash down concrete stairway.  “Moses” double for bicycle crash, then rugby tackled to ground.  “Dennis” double, jump off moped as it crashes into lift door. Van driving double for head on crash.  “Dennis” driving double smashing lights off roof through doorway.  “Dennis” double as alien smashes through window and takes me out.

YOUR HIGHNESS - Tests on wires for prisoner being eaten, Utility stunts, part as Albino guard and fight with James Franco, “Fabious” using spears and knife.

HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - Doubled for Ron Weasley (Note, not the main stunt double), being chased by the “Snatchers” in the woods.

A BUNCH OF AMATEURS - Burt Reynolds stunt double driving library van at speed, driving car at speed, near miss, working with Samantha Bond (ex Miss Moneypenny), stunt double for Derek Jacobi falling face first in muck in pig pen.

NATIONAL TREASURE 2 - ND driver, and rider at Bovingdon rehearsals, general stunt work as police rider, pedestrian, falling over hand rails, ND driver, fast Motorcycle lay down 70 km ph all the way across the junction.

CLASH OF THE TITANS - General non descript stunts as buildings are destroyed around us and horse runs through us.

STREETDANCE - Motorcycle double for Bradley Charles, “Frankie”, riding at speed around streets of central London.

DEAD CERT - Fight around bare knuckle fight, vampire in vampire strip bar, general stunt work, eaten by vampire stripper, on standby to double Billy Murray.

BATMAN - THE DARK KINIGHT - Jokers man in jail as explosion takes place, also uniformed policeman.



                       Burt Reynolds Stunt Double in A Bunch of Amateurs                            Elizabeth



              Vampire in Dead Cert                 A Joker's Man in Batman - Dark Knight                Robin Hood


ROBIN HOOD - NOTTINGHAM - Monk, attacked by horses and riders.)

DEATHS OF IAN STONE - Mike Vogal Double, Camera tests - jerks, smashing against mirror, drag on floor, Taxi driver double stopping at mark, Monster double climbing onto car as it is moving, “Grey” double, pulled by feet into grate, jerk back, travel rig, backwards through 3 debted pains of glass, hanging upside down in lift, then chase on foot in car park, falling off balcony to camera, near miss with fire truck coming the other way, mirror smash in sewage works, diving in front of oncoming train committing suicide, running at stuntman taking him to the ground, thrown out of car window – jerked, drag along ground by monster - on wire.

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM - On standby for torture scene.

ATONEMENT - German motorcyclist, on stand by to ride motorcycle and side car.

ELIZABETH - Sailor on ship as attacked, climbing rigging etc.

STORMBREAKER - Motorcycle stunt double for Ewan McGregor, riding supermoto bike, wheelies, stoppies, burnouts while firing gun etc, bike chase around Isle of Man Mountain, onto beach, riding in water then motorcycle crash “Lay down”, 60 ft slide to underneath boat, stunt quad rider in vehicle chase with passenger firing gun in convoy, motorcycle jump out of explosion in building, Car driver during chase sequence in central London.

HEREAFTER - Clint Eastwood Directed Film, ND driver behind van that causes a knock down.

DA VINCI CODE - Medieval battle scene


                                        Stormbreaker                                                                        The Da Vinci Code


ERAGON -  Stunt tests for riding mechanical dragon.

BATMAN BEGINS - Passer by under exploding building

VICTIMS - Stunt double for both man and woman on scooter riding at speed through streets of Brighton and through large Manor Estate.

CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Test day to audition to double Johnny Depp but did not get job! Also motorcycle rider leaving factory to put up posters for golden ticket.

ENDURING LOVE - General stunt double for Daniel Craig, “Joe”, hanging and falling from Balloon.



WIMBLEDON - ND Car driver.

THUNDERBIRDS - Moped stunt tests, 25ft ramp to ramp, In Seychelles, General stunt double for Brady Corbet “Alan Tracy”, fights, 70ft fall down cliff, slide down air duct, moped 25ft ramp to ramp jumps and general stunts, Safety for other performers doing jerk back, hanging down shaft, Rehearsed jerk back 20ft to side wall into boxes, jump down 12ft shaft, on G-ride on wires, blue screen work, jerk back rehearsals along floor and 30ft back in air to boxes, Jerk back along floor 30ft, choked and hung from wire, general fighting and wire work, fall 30ft through trap doors on descender, moped 25ft jumps and fall off in air into boxes, rehearse down 15ft slide into mats, down slide then 40ft into lake.

JOHNNY ENGLISH - Stunt-double “Bough” driving Enforcement truck.




AMERICAN GIRL - Motorcycle Stunt-double for “Oliver James”





THE FAMILY BUSINESS - Film, Motorcycle Stunt-double and Motorcycle Crash through glass for “Craig Ferguson”.

TOMB RAIDER 2 - Motorcycle Tricks and Motorcycle Stunt-double for “Angelina Jolie”.


THE CALCIUM KID - Fight Stunt, Played Own Part.

REIGN OF FIRE - Stunt double, Van Zan Soldier, Stunt double for Burke, Riding Motorcycle, Played own Part As "Piscatella"

ANITA AND ME - Motorcycle Stunt double for Sam.

LAST ORDERS - Soldier: firing blanks, reacting to bullets and explosions.

ALS LADS - Marc Warren double: bare knuckle fight in ring, boxing getting Knocked out, Marc Warren double fight in boiler room on ship.

LITTLE TERRORS - Promo for film to be made, Benjamin Smith “Brett” Double, hit with bat or log sent over handlebars of bicycle.


ND police car driver chasing taxi which drives in to water to disappear