NISSAN JUKE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING CAMPAIG - Holding on to roof rack of Nissan Juke as car stunts are performed.  This advertising campaign was for Facebook during the summer of 2012.


POKERSTARS COMMERCIAL - Trials bike, slow wheelie through fire, general stunt riding.

CURRY'S ADVERT (BEGINNING OF THE SIMPSONS) - Part as car driver tying on fridge to roof of car, then reversing back car into path of other car, then fridge Freezer slides off.

FORD S-MAX COMMERCIAL - Part as precision driver, driving around country roads.

SKY SPORTS 24-7 FOOTBALL ADVERT - Celebration motorcycle jump over wall.

WALKERS CRISPS ADVERT - Motorcycle stunt double for Gary Lineker, riding mini moto bike, pinching crisps from “Lemmy”.

NISSAN COMMERCIAL - Freestyle motocross stunt double, tests over our ramps, Reccy day at Wembley Stadium, 95 ft distance jumps over Bicker’s ramps, crash over handle bars into foam cubes, at Wembley Stadium, riding down stairs, burn outs, slow wheelies, Jump attempt to look like attempting 51 vans, trick in air, then crash.

MERCEDES BENZ CAR COMMERCIAL - Car driving double, driving car through streets of London.