Bolddog lings fmx team

Andy is the Managing Director of the Action Sports Company, Bolddog Ltd, and founder of the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Motocross team.

Dan Whitby now manages the Bolddog Lings FMX Team and over the recent years, he has taken the team to a new level with both the riding and the state of the art equipment. In 2005 Samson Eaton and Arran Powley then joined Dan, who are now the heart & soul of the Bolddog Action Sports company. The team continues to push the boundaries of FMX and lead the way for all motorcycle display teams and freestyle motocross shows.

To book the Bolddog Lings FMX Team, or find out further information, please visit the FMX Team web site:



Above: Jumping The New Landing System in 2002 - 2003


Above Left: An early Superman Seat Grab    Above Right: Back Flips from Early 2002


Above: Street Bike Tricks For The Bolddog Team


Above: The First Bolddog Lings FMX Team Promo Video


BOLddog lings fmx team highlights

"There are way too many to mention, but recently it has been a real proud moment for me to watch all the team, Dan Whitby, Samson Eaton and Arran Powley performing the longer distance, 75 feet back flip! Dan is doing an amazing job of managing and guiding the team and has taken the the riding and team's professionalism to a standard that is highly respected worldwide."

"Other highlights of the FMX Team, include breaking world records and appearing numerous times on Saturday night TV Shows."


Above Left - "Another proud moment and highlight for me was when we had the privilege of having the Motocross legend Robbie Herring ride in our Bolddog Lings FMX Team for a full season in 2006 - I never thought when I first started racing motocross in 1987 that he would be riding in a team that I had put together! The photo above left is more recent, taken at a show when the team bumped into him. The photo from left to right is of Dan Whitby, Arran Powley, Robbie Herring and Samson Eaton."   Photo Above Right - Dave Thorpe "We now also deal frequently with another hero of mine, Dave Thorpe. He hasn't ridden our ramps or ridden in our team, but he works for Honda UK and I never thought I'd be sitting in my living room with him discussing sponsorship deals! Other riders in addition to Robbie Herring to ride our ramps and alongside Dan Samson and Arran include Nate Adams and World record holder and current day Evil Knievel, Robbie Madison."


BOLDDOG fmx championships

In addition to performing at other events across the UK and Europe, in 2011, Bolddog launched the Bolddog FMX Championship - An invitational FMX Professional and Amateur FMX Series.


Above: Flier and Press Cutting From The 2011 Bolddog FMX Championship, Rider Photos of Dan Whitby, Samson Eaton, Arran Powley and Paul Hanks


bolddog own brand clothing

Through out 2002 and 2003, alongside the Bolddog Lings FMX Team, the Bolddog team introduced their clothing range, Bolddog clothing and the www.bolddog.com on line store.


Above Left: 2002 Catalogue Cover Of The Bolddog Own Brand Clothing Catalogue    Above Right: 2002Advert For The Bolddog.com Online Store


lings honda motocross display team

Andy set up the Lings Honda Motocross Display Team as a business in 1996. This was the predecessor to the current Bolddog Lings FMX Team.

LINGS HONDA MOTOCROSS DISPLAY TEAM HISTORY - The display team first came about in the early 1990's, when Paul Barkshire, one of the Managing Directors at Lings Motorcycles put together a basic motorcycle display team demonstration at a local show in Norfolk, over a wooden cheese wedge type ramp. The team comprised of the three brothers, Mark, Richard, and Phil Bunning.

At this time, Lings Motorcycles sponsored two riders to race motocross at local Eastern Center events, Andy Godbold and Richard Bunning. Therefore in 1994, Paul Barkshire asked Andy Godbold to be involved in the display along with Mark, Richard and Phil. Andy was inspired by the team, and and introduced his own ideas such as bursting balloons mid air, a basketball jump, and even cross overs through fire. So following on from then, at the beginning of 1996, Lings and Andy teamed up to put on a more professional show. Therefore, the Lings Honda Motocross Display Team was officially launched as a business, and started trading in January 1996. Lings supplied the team with all the motocross bikes, the quads and a generator. The team has run on this basis up until now, booked every single weekend during the summer months.


Above Left: The Fire Jump    Above Right: The Four Rider Fan


Above: The Vehicle Jump & Basketball Jump

Above: Lings Honda Motocross Display Team Promo Video