stunt work on TV DRAMAs


LADIES' PARADISE - Part as a beater that gets shot in the leg.

THE LAST WEEKEND - ITV1, on stand by to drive tractor in near miss.

VEXED, SERIES 2 - BBC, “Sean Mullan” double, escaping on motorcycle from armed robbery at speed.  Also jumping over bacony on foot then escaping on motorcycle.

THE HOUR, SERIES 2 - BBC, Part as punter in fight in a bar.

GOOD COP - BBC Drama.  Part as motorcycle rider with pillion, in chase sequence being pursued by a car.

WAKING THE DEAD - 2 different episodes: Motorcycle stunt double, motorcycle crash “lay down” after being knocked off motorcycle by Trevor Eve, riding moped at speed close to camera.  Next episode:  Part as policeman Motorcycle riding, and tackled to ditch, breaking neck.  Part as the “ghost” walking down street and “ghost” raising from bath)

BOUQUET OF BARBED WIRE - Tom Riley, “Gavin” stunt double for fight.

MIDSOMER MURDERS - On standby as John Nettles (“Barnaby”) driving double, also bicycle stunt riding double for Jason Hughes (“Jones”) - jump over the trip wire, then sliding to mark.

ASHES TO ASHES - Two diferent episodes: Part as a bound and gagged man in boot of car, thrown into the back of a lorry, crime boss as fight breaks out in a night club.  Second episode: Double for “Hoorsten”, lead up to car T bone thencar is T boned from side.

SARAH JANE ADVENTURES - Part as trail bike rider, 40ft jump down into garden, lay down in trees.

MANHUNT - Crime watch type prog, re-enactment riding down line of traffic, car pulls out, simulate crash, attended by ambulance.

LEWIS - Own part as bare knuckle boxer, general fight then getting knocked out at the end.

HEARTBEAT - Driving old truck, stopping at mark to throw off other performer as if a knock down, also a gang member, fighting another gang, Joe Doyle (“Bobby”) motorcycle stunt double, riding bike at speed, then out of control into field for motorcycle lay down.

HOLBY BLUE - Matt Ryan (“Frankie”) motorcycle riding double with pillion, Police van precision driver, double again for Matt Ryan (“Frankie”), breaking into car by smashing window then driving off at speed, then handbreak turn,  James Thornton (“Jake Loughton”) car driving double, Ricci McLeod double, on standby for head butt and fight, Cal MacAninch car driving double, skidding to mark to meet a hand breaking car.

HOLBY CITY - Dominic Keating motorcycle riding double, stopping at marks with dialogue.



               Bare Knuckle Fighter in Lewis                      Foyles War                                  Primeval


MINDER - Liam Bergin (“Carlo”) boxing double in ring at Peacock Gym.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Ben Whishaw ("Ben Coulter”) double - in prison, jail door slammed in face to break nose, stunt driving double - crashing taxi into side of BMW, fight in prison.

RIVER CITY - Chris Brazier (“Ewan”) car driving stunt double, to knock down pedestrian, Iain De Caestecker car driving stunt double, driving at speed through streets.

IDENTITY - Stunt driving double for Aidan Gillen, “Bloom”, part as protection officer as tazered, “Highsmith” motorcycle stunt double, also driving double for Keeley Hawes – handbreak turn to stop oncoming car, “Smith” car driving stunt double for car knock down and “run over”, general stunt driver, driving at speed through traffic around roads near Buckingham Palace.


                       Identity                                              Keeley Hawes Driving Double



MI HIGH - Martial Arts type fight, stunt double for Ben Kerfoot “Oscar”.

THE COMMANDER - Own part As “Puggy”, boxer in main fight.

FIVE DAYS - Matthew McNutty, “Danny” stunt double – Falling backwards out of train carriage.



FOYLE'S WAR - Battle sequence in water, part as bare knuckle boxer.

PRIMEVAL - Motorcycle stunts in shopping mall and car park, Douglas Henshall (“Cutter”) double and James Murray (“Stephen”) double, tests on wires for shark tooth tiger attack, road block soldier, driving at speed over bridge through line of traffic in front of lorry.

STILL GAME - Paul Riley (“Winston Ingram”) double - Crashing moped through wardrobe, doubling “Ford”, Jack Jarvis - balancing ladder over fence then “Victor” falls off to ground the other side.

TRIAL & RETRIBUTION - Freddie Boadley double: fight in warehouse, Jamie Sives (“Kevin Reid”) Double for Car knock down over Porsche 911 bonnet, into screen.

THE BILL - Numerous stunt work including - In night club, balcony collapses and leaves us hanging then falling to ground, queueing to get into night club, then fight breaks out, Adam Montgomery double, riding motocross on walk ways, down steps, waist ground and jump, falling off bicycle onto curb / driving truck, driving truck at speed under barriers, being chased, passenger in back of speeding van, hijack van, jumping from balcony onto car roof then rolling off it to the floor, van driver for armed police skidding to holt / passenger in car crashing through fence, general stunt double, jump over 8ft fence, then chase and knocked to ground, stunt double robbing shop, getaway on motorcycle, “LIVE” episode, stunt double for last part of fall from balcony, stunt double for teenage car driver, screeching away at speed, gangster for fight in warehouse, general stunt double for Daniel MacPherson - runs in Thames, swim under water to rescue passengers in sunken car, another “Live Episode”, stunt double for Ciaran Griffiths, “PC Gary Best”, rugby tackle off building into boxes, fight stunt - played own part as male nurse with dialogue, general stunt double, near miss by car, dive over bonnet, motorcycle stunt-double, general Stunt-double for “Eric Sykes”, chased and fall of bicycle being chased by Gary Lucy, riding bicycle down long stairs, riding away at speed on motorcycle, Staten Eliot double - chased on scooter in streets & alley way, out to road, finish with lay down. Part driving van, stopping at mark to a handbreaking car in front of me, dialogue, stunt motorcycle double with stunt pillion riding into shop then get away at speed, promo for late night Bill rolling over car to ground.  Riots in housing estate.

EASTENDERS - Knock "Stacey" over with bicycle, Fight stunt double, Ian Beale, Car Stunt double for Beppe.



STARTING OVER - Daniel Sharman (“Alex Dewhurst”) Double - driving car at speed, near miss with lorry then crash into a log pile.

AFTER THOMAS - Skidding Lorry to mark to fallen pedestrian in road.

SORTED - Mark Womack double, falling off bicycle

MISSION IMPLAUSIBLE - Specialist demonstrating riding bike and motorcycle jump off cliff on wire.

FIVE DAYS - Policeman double, hand break turn to block off escaping driver.

MID SUMMERS NIGHT DREAM - Bicycle stunt double, riding bike at speed into a lake.

THE MAN & THE MOSE - Moped stunt double, sliding head on towards car.

MAYO MURDERS - Stunt double for Huw Rhys, driving golf cart in chase.

AGATHA CHRISTIE POIROT - Letter delivery, riding old Triumph, stopping at a mark.

GREEN WING - Stunt double, tests for actor on wire rig as helium balloons take actor into air, ambulance stunt driving double for Stephen Mangan, “Guy”.

FOOTBALLERS WIVES - Stunt double for “Paulo”, fight with Joan Collins.

LONDON - Doubling Colin Firth, driving Jaguar round corner then skidding up to Robert Carlisle’s feet.




CASUALTY - Aaron Johnson double, falling through floor, own part driving lorry at speed then skidding up to stuntman in road, motocross stunt double for Callum Dixon, riding track, then chase, finishes with motorcycle crash “lay down”, mountain bike rider stunt double, fall off after 6ft drop off, general stunt double for Matthew Wait, “Luke”, fight in ambulance, elderly bicycle rider double: riding, fall off, driving car, simulating crash into parked vehicle.

THE GRID - Motorcycle stunt double for “Agung”, gun shots to pedestrians.

DOWN TO EARTH - Motocross rider creating havoc in gardens.

BOMBSHELL - General stunt double for Robert Beck, in explosion in garage and rescuing girl from fire.

FAMILY AFFAIRS - Stunt double for actor riding motorcycle at speed through streets with actress on as passenger.

BORN & BRED - Motorcycle stunt double for Jenna Russell, riding an old AJS at speed through country lanes.

MERSEY BEAT - Car Stunt-double for “Jonathan Kerrigan”, fight With “Les Dennis”, General Stunt-double for “Leigh Edmondson”, general Stunt-double for “Simon Merrells”/”Franny”, car Stunt-double, car Crash for “Mark Aiken”, fight Stunt-double for “Jonathan Kerrigan”, car stunt double for “Pete”, Sean McKenzie, George Costigan double: car driving, chase.

LOGUN MEDIA - Motorcycle Superbike Tricks Stunt-double.

TV TO GO - Fight Stunt.

YOUNG OFFENDERS - Car Stunt-double and Car Crash.

THE GREAT ESCAPE - Bravo Channel, stunt-double “Grub Smith”

ROSE & MALONEY - Motorcycle stunt-double.

THE DEBT - Car stunt-double and crash for “Hugo Speer”.

INSPECTOR LYNLEY MYSTERIES - Car and motorcycle stunt-double.

KEEN EDDY - Motorcycle trick stunt rider and fight stunt, played own part.

MURPHY'S LAW - Stunt-double and stair fall for “James Nesbit”.

BLACK WATER - Motorcycle stunt rider.

PARADISE HEIGHTS - Fight stunt-double “Martin Walsh”.

CLOCKING OFF - Fight stunt.

THE GENTLEMAN THIEF - Stunt double for Nigel Havers.

DOC MARTIN - Stunt double for Harvey.

BRUM - Motorcycle stunt double for Granny Slippers and Max Speed.

HOLBY CITY - Motorcycle riding double, skidding up to hospital doors, car stunt double for Troy Glasgow, driving car at speed at the hospital, screeching to a halt at the doors, general stunt-double in fire for “Rocky Marshall”)



PEAK PRACTICE - “Johnny” double: motocross race jumps, slides etc, motocross collision and crash.

BADGER - Adrian Rawlins double: fight on roof.

LONDONS BURNING - Blake Ritson double: standby to be rolled in van.

THE WHISTLE BLOWER - Motorcycle rider: getaway rider with passenger down paths.

TAKE ME - Danny Webb double: Landrover driver, stop to mark at pedestrian, also fight.

ULTIMATE FORCE - Stunt double for Christopher Simon, passenger on quad, riding through rough terrain at speed, stunt double for Russian skin head, floor collapses, fall through ceiling beneath.

HOLLYOAKS - Nick Pickard double: 60ft jump from ship into sea.



DEJA VU - "Jessica” double: car driving, head on crash.

STREET LIFE - Jack Dee double: 12ft jump off wall, boat to boat, scooter rider crash into water fountain with passenger, riding up steps with passenger, Policeman double: fight, exploding car.

999 RECONSTRUCTION - Own Part: fall down rocks, down waterfall on wire, with dialogue.


Andy Godbold Stunt Head on crash

Head on Crash on DEJA VU


Police driver in chase / ND car driver for car chase and near miss and handbreak turn.



Part as "Sam", a digger driver / Double for Steve McFadden, "Phil" driving digger smashing up car lot / Double for "Phil" driving car out of the Arches Garage with tool boxes etc chained behind crashing through gate and into the park and park swing etc / Car driver for near miss with actors in the road (Jack Derges, “Andy” and Mia Jenkins, “Hannah”) outside the tube station.


Above: Double Double for Steve McFadden, "Phil" as digger driver and crashing car into the park.


Above: Stunt and acting part in EASTENDERS as "Sam" the digger driver.


Double for Adam Woodyatt, "Ian Beale", standing on edge of bridge threatening to commit suicide, being talked down by Laurie Brett, "Jane" / Double for "Ian Beale", stunt is set up as if hit by car as walking out in to road, as Letitia Dean, "Sharon" and Gillian Taylforth, "Kathy" come over to see if he is ok.


Above: Double for "Ian Beale" for Suicide Attempt on Bridge.


Above: Small part in EASTENDERS punching Danny Dyer, then making a run for it.



Spectator at a William Shakespeare play, general fights break out.



ND Part as an undercover police car driver to skid up to a mark, then my passenger gets out and arrests Zachary Fall, “Luc”.



Driver double for Robert James-Collier, “O’Dowd” during car chase, with Karla Crome, “Nancy” (and her stunt double) as my passenger. Also, near miss T-bone with stunt driver double for Noel Clarke, “Gunner”



Driving Double for Shaun Evans, “Endeavour” in car chase, as car in front canon rolls.


Above: Driving double in ENDEAVOUR for "Endeavour Morse"



A few different episodes - Part as a lorry driver, crashing into and running over a dummy to simulate running over Conleth Hill, “Huxley” / Part as motorcycle rider gunman, firing gun at James Nesbitt ”Harry” and Joe Blakemore “Sammy” while riding towards and past them / Part as a boxer in a boxing fight against Henry Garrett “Jay” getting knocked out by him, then after that fight punching James Nesbitt “Harry” then get head butted by him, and then a big fight breaks out.


Above left: Stunt acting and boxing part in LUCKY MAN 2    Above right: Part as a Hitman in LUCKY MAN 2